Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Howdy All, welcome to the new blog. It's experimental at this point, and may serve to replace my Chilean pic o' the day site (or this might be further replaced by a real website... we'll see). My old website got started shortly after I moved into my first house in Chile, 5+ years ago. So it seems appropriate to start this one now, on the first day after moving into my (our, with my wife, Jaime) new house in Phoenix, AZ. We got the keys about a week and a half ago, and had our Chilean goods delivered last Wednesday. I spent the following ~five days unpacking lots of boxes, and then, once that was done, started transferring things from our apartment to the house. Yesterday we got the phone, cable, and internet installed, which was the last roadblock before we could move in. So at 1pm, after the internet and cable checked out okay in the new place, I picked up Sophie the cat, and brought her over to the new house. Once she transferred, we were officially moved in. There's still lots of stuff at the old place, which I'll be bringing over later this week, but we sleep here now.

Moving into a new house is expensive. Primarily, the purchase of the house itself, but then also in buying new things to put in the house. This place is bigger than our house in Chile, and also bigger than Jaime's old place in Austin, so we don't have enough furniture already between us to fill the new place. Consequently we are in furniture buying mode. We have plans for couches, but the first purchase was a chair:

Purchase number two was a new HD LCD TV. It's big. Too big too fit into my camera, so no pictures of it yet. Happily, it wasn't too big to fit into our mini car, so it is already in the house. We've got one more week to try to get everything purchased, moved, or set up, before our first guests arrive (our parents). So I'd better stop writing this, and get cracking on that.

Oh, one more note readers of my old website: Unlike that old one, this new one uses real blogging software, so you can write me comments and give me some feedback (hint hint).


jaime said...

Yeah! The websight is back. I love you!!!!

Christopher J. Miller said...

Any rincons survive the trip from Chile?

gentleman astronomer said...

Nope, no spiders in the boxes (somewhat surprisingly, but then they were in transit/storage for three months, so maybe they all died). We did find a goodly number of your things though. We will hold them for ransom until you come to visit (ransom pictures will get posted soon...)

Louisa said...

heya -

nice to see your blog! But hey, what's up with the wallpaper???