Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Beef: it's what's for dinner

We are settling into the new house. It's been a bit of a tug-of-war to decide on food each night. We want to start using our new glorious kitchen, but after a full day of moving and/or shopping we feel exhausted, and its a bit easier to go out, or pick something up to bring home. Saturday we were feeling energetic, and decided to cook beef shortribs, following a recipe I found online. Short ribs are a slow cooked food, necessary to get the meat nice and tender. Unfortunately, we didn't start cooking until after 8pm, which meant that the ribs were finally ready to be eaten around 11:45pm. Late dinner! Jaime whipped up some garlic mashed cauliflower to go with the ribs, and it was a very yummy meal. The herbs for the ribs came from our garden, so we really got to put our new house, garden, and kitchen to good use. The meal was quite filling, and it helped power my early Sunday morning, when I was up at 7am to finish (mostly) the moving process, meeting up with a couple guys and their truck at our old apartment to move all our furniture to the new house. That's done now, and we realized the new house (at ~3000 square feet) is much bigger than the apartment (~1000 square feet), so we needed to buy some more furniture, which we did during a sunday and monday furniture shopping spree. That was a doozy, and we picked out counterstools for the kitchen, a couch, chair, and daybed for the living room, a table and chairs for the dining room, and a bedroom set for the master bedroom. I'm now feeling especially poor, but we sure do have nice stuff. There's still some more things to buy to get the house fully set up (I went light-bulb shopping yesterday to set us up with at least one backup bulb for each bulb type in the house (5 different types)), but I think I'm going to declare March a month without purchases. I'll buy only food (and gasoline), and try not to get any more stuff. That will be quite a relief, I think.

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