Saturday, February 16, 2008

Fresh Juice

I walked into the yard this morning looking for some breakfast. It's so much earthier than peaking in the fridge. Anyway, it's citrus fruit season out back, with oranges and grapefruits filling the trees. We've got three orange trees (navel, mandarin, and juicing orange) and one big grapefruit tree. The mandarins are ripe, the navel oranges are quite sweet, and the juicing oranges are a bit tart still. But proper combination of the three should produce perfect juice. I just need to go out and buy a juicer first (yes, I could do it all with a fork, but there are ALOT of fruit hanging from the trees, and I'm investing for the future. I'm not a big grapefruit fan, but my mom is, and she's coming in just a couple days for a visit, so the fruit is ready for her. Also, our peach tree is now in full blossom. Apparently it fruits sometime in May/June. So now I'm looking around for some good fruit beer recipes to use all these fruit with.

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