Thursday, February 28, 2008

Backyard Wildlife

As I sit here in my office typing, I can hear our Sophie the cat in the kitchen, making her clucking/purring sound. There must be some sort of wildlife in the backyard which she can see through the patio doors. It could be almost anything. We have a wide range of birds back there, including a green parakeet, hummingbirds, and all sorts of more mundane looking things. I heard a woodpecker back there while we were moving in. We've also got lots of bunnies, on the lawn, in the hedge, nibbling on our vegetables. My mom was out there early in the morning last week, and said that she saw a coyote! It saw her, then spooked and ran away, leaping over the 6+ foot tall fence. A couple of days ago, Jaime and I were driving home just after sunset, came around a corner, and saw a BIG bird on the road. As we approached, we saw another, and another, five in all. They were red-tailed hawks (we think), and they had caught a prize (I mentioned that there were lots of bunnies around...). It was into twilight, and difficult to get a clear picture without a tripod, but the picture above is my best shot. Between the hawks and coyotes, we've decided not to let Sophie wander around outside without parental supervision.


Gabrielle said...

Just got done reading all the blog entries, and am thoroughly impressed! Love the site---much easier to load than the old one, and I happen to like the brown wallpaper. Not to mention the pictures, which are fantastic. Can't wait to see your house and garden in person, but you might not get me to leave! Keep the posts coming! Love to you, Jaime & Sophie!

Eva said...

Ok, finally caught up with all the blog entries.

Having just come back from a nice visit to that beautiful house of yours, I can only say that you and Jaime have done a wonderful job setting it up. It is now one of my favorites spots on earth.

I hope that you decide to continue posting on this blog, I really would like to know what happened to those quail eggs!