Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tarangire wrap-up

Oops, I uploaded the pictures, then failed to write and post the story. That is, until now. So Tarangire was just the first of several national parks we visited, and all told we spent less than 24 hours there, but an action packed 24 hours it was! After leaving behind the cheetah and wildebeest hunt, we drove up a hill past a pond, and came upon these warthogs (and some zebra and impala, but I've already shown some pictures of those animals...). We rumbled our way back to the entrance gate, where most people took the opportunity to use the toilets, and I just wandered into the garbage dump, which, true to form for garbage dumps, was a good opportunity for bird and rodent watching. Here's another pygmy mongoose, and a baboon which had been checking out the cheetah/wildebeest hunt with us earlier.

For a recap of all the pictures from day two in Tarangire, check out the picasa album here.

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