Wednesday, October 22, 2008

run away, run away

Oops, there goes a week. Sorry, I've been busy with life here. I built a sukkah last week (a sukkah is an outside non-permanent shelter which you eat in during the jewish holiday of sukkot). We hosted a small dinner party on Sunday, and a bigger end-of-sukkot party on Monday. I bought a (used) glass kiln on Saturday, and then spent monday re-wiring the power cord so that it could reach the outlet inside the house (it's a 240V/30A line, so you can't just buy an extension cord). Yesterday I turned it on and tried it out for the first time, and it worked! Jaime's got some new earrings now. Then last night I played in my ultimate frisbee league game, and shared some of my homebrew beer after the game -- the beer I just put in the keg last friday. So I've been keeping busy.

I've been taking pictures of many of these things, but I'm further behind on the safari pics, so here are a couple more of those. After we came across the first three cheetah, and their fresh kill, it seemed that many of the animals were skittish. As we drove, we saw lots of things running: ostrich, impala, gazelle, and then these wildebeest, which were charging down an embankment and crossing the road right in front of us. Then they suddenly turned, and started to run the other way. Why? I think it was the appearance of these guys (who are probably different from the first threesome we had seen a couple miles earlier.

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