Friday, August 29, 2008

Love Birds

I was a little bit worried that our tree-trimming would scare off the local bird population, but I'm happy to say that we still have a cacophony of chirping coming from the back yard. The culprits for some of the most twittery of the chirping are a small flock of peach-faced lovebirds. Last spring we had a couple of them in the yard, but now we've got a group of 8-10 of them, and they were still hanging around last night, after the cutting was all done. I didn't have my super-telephote lens on the camera as I was walking in the yard, but did pretty well with my kit zoom lens, and some judicious cropping.


Eva said...

Hey, whatever happened to those quail eggs in your garden?.

gentleman astronomer said...

Alas, the momma quail abandoned the nest after laying the 14 eggs, and they never hatched :-(